I get asked this ALOT!

& whilst I want to shout out YES, YES, YES from the rooftops, my answer is that ultimately .... It's up to you!

Here are the HUGE pro's of having one, the role of a second & how they truly can enhance your perfect day!

First & foremost - You'll get WAYY more images of your day! We'll be able to cover more angles. I like to coordinate with my second shooter so they cover an alternative angle of all the big moments. If I'm shooting close-ups, they'll shoot wide angles. It just works!

Having a second is like cloning me (I know dangerous game right?!)

& naturally just makes the day ALOT smoother because, just me, I'm only one person... so having my amazing second is really handy for so many points of your wedding day.

When I have my incredible second shooter with me covering all the additional details I can do what I do best : create beautiful art from the moments of your day. My second shooter keeps me on track, assists me and supports me so that I can do my absolute best for you both on your day!

There are truly so many advantages to having two photographers ... Simultaneous reactions, both your expressions as you see each other for the first time, an epic Birds Eye view of the dance floor from a balcony whilst I'm on the actual dance floor getting that perfect first dance shot!

I've chosen my second because they have the same style, ethos & commitment to my couples as I do, so I know that you will love them (& their work too!) When I capture a wedding with a second shooter, at the end of the day, they hand over the images they shot and I edit the images alongside my own to ensure the overall feel is totally smooth & consistent.

Every wedding day is so full of wonderful little moments, a total tapestry of emotions, glances, movements and having a second shooter weaves in an added layer of gorgeous memories. Some moments only happen once, but in many dimensions and a second shooter is there to capture those. Although I've thrown some pretty amazing shapes over the last 9 years & done my best superwoman impression on many occasions to get that image, a photographer can only be in one place, at one time... so I LOVE working with a second shooter.

The cons of having a second shooter ... There isn't any!

It's worth it! After all you're only supposed to be doing this day once!

If you would like to find out more about adding an additional photographer to your wedding day, please get in touch for more information!

Meet Your Second Shooter


Chloe is my amazing second shooter for weddings. We went ahead & made it official! Chloe is incredible & I'm so lucky to have her onboard at CR Photography Bexhill.

All new bookings will have the option of having a second shooter! She truly is a VIBE!

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