Do you Travel?

I do indeed, I cover East Sussex & beyond!
There is a travel fee beyond 20 miles from CR Photography HQ.

How long have you been doing this?

I've been totally honoured to be apart of so many couples wedding days for over 10 years now & I've loved every single minute.

How many photos do we get?

The answer for this is simple - whether it's a photoshoot, a half day wedding, a full day or anything else in-between... There is NO LIMITS!
I give you the best photos from the bunch (only usually getting rid of the same duplicate shots, eyes closed, blurry or unflattering images).
For half day/full day weddings I've never given less than 750 images.
For a full day it could be up to 1500+++.

How do we get our photos?

For photoshoots - You will receive your photos via an online gallery in which you are able to download and save to all smart devices.
Weddings - You will be provided with a USB full of all your photos to treasure forever.

are you insured?

I am fully insured. I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance to cover you and your guests in the very unlikely situation that something goes wrong from me.
I ALWAYS provide you with a copy of my insurance upon booking so that you have a copy of it for your records and incase your venue asks for it!

Can you help us with planning?

Doing this 9 years I certainly know a thing or two about weddings. So I'm on hand to help you with absolutely anything I can. If you need recommendations I've got plenty of them for absolutely everything you would ever need for your big day.

How far out do you book?

I am currently booking weddings from 2023 & beyond.

How do we book you?

One of THE most exciting questions to hear as a photographer!!!
Contact me directly on the contact form on here.
There's a rather nifty little box where you can drop me an enquiry which comes straight through to me.
Provided I'm available on your date... I'm yours if you want me!

How much is the booking fee?

For both packages the booking fee is always the same £375.
The booking fee is made for the sole reason to book and secure your day at the price you have been quoted :)
So it's pretty essential really!

I hate posing for pictures. do I HAVE TO POSE?

I know what you mean. I hate posing for pictures too! Posing isn't natural and I don't think it looks natural either.
My style is all about capturing the REAL you and the JOY of your wedding day.
Of course (as you'd expect) there is a little bit of posing to do for the more formal pictures but I try and make those as fun (& quick) as I can!
Specially as I know most people want to head to the bar at this point!!

do you take traditional photographs?

I do take traditional family pictures in addition to my more documentary style.
While they may not be as exciting as my more informal images, I do appreciate the value and the history behind a traditional family portrait. Since each wedding is unique, when we have our consultation you can decide how much time is spent on tradional group shots on the day :)
I try and make the whole process of group photos as quick and painless as I can (especially for those among us who "don't like having our photo taken") Also your face tends to hurt after a while.
Whilst those who love a photo can revel in it for as long as they want... It's your big day right?!? So why not!!!!

what is your turn around time?

I know it can seem like an ETERNITY after you wedding to see your wedding pictures (trust me I know... I've been there!)
So to satifisfy those wedding blues and to make the wait a little less excruciating; I normally send a sneaky preview in the first 48 hours :)
The normal turn around for the entire wedding gallery is 8-10 weeks (but in peak wedding season it can sometimes be a little longer).

How long do you stay at a wedding?

Although I don't have a specific time constraint on either of my packages it of course depends on what package you go for :)
For the full day package - I arrive in the morning (I'm basically your wing woman for the day... this I throw in for free) I'm there ready to capture all the moments (the laughs and fun in the morning or complete chaos) getting you to the ceremony and obviously the ceremony and onwards (I will be there to sort your dress out when your bridesmaids have gone astray) throughout the speeches & make sure you guys are having the best day ever throughout the entire day, all the way through to your first dance.
Of course if you do want me there after I charge per hour after this to capture the fun, maybe a sparkler shot or FIREWORKS!!!
For the ceremony onwards package - I arrive from the beginning of the ceremony (will be there to help you get your dress back in the car once your all married) will guide you through (with ease) your group shots and photos, through until the first dance!
* The only exception on the time restraints is if the first dance is very late (due to band or other reasoning) this will all be planned out in a final planning meeting and may just require an addition of the extra hour payment, but you will be informed of this before the day.

what happens if you can't make our day?

I am so lucky that this has NEVER happened & trust me there has been PLENTY of times where I was worried (as you know what life is like) BUT.... I am part of the most amazing whatsapp group full of the 'best of the best' local photographers who are beyond supportive if I was to be unable to attend & I know that they would undoubtedly be able to fill in for me.

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